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WOW Airlines expects one-third revenue from freight
Fuel costs, rivalry may affect Asia-Pacific airlines' profits
Cathay Pacific reports massive rise in 2004 profit
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Welcome to Jetgo Inter Transport & Travel Co., Ltd.
With our well qualify staffs and expertise in the air cargo industry we do confident to meet all customers’ requirements and to offer our reliable services with punctuality to comply with our company motto...
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Business Air Airline
Effective from 30 January 2015
Day Fright From ETD To ETA A/C Type
Daily 8B868 BKK 0010 ICN 0730 B767-300ER
  8B867 ICN 2100 BKK 0055 B767-300ER
D1,D4,D5,D7 8B964 HKT 2100 ICN 0055 B767-300ER
D1,D4,D5,D7 8B965 ICN 1200 HKT 1620 B767-300ER
D2,D6 8B896 BKK 2200 XIY 0100 B767-300ER
D3,D7 8B897 XIY 0230 BKK 0600 B767-300ER
D3,D5,D7 8B8898 BKK 1400 CKG 1845 B767-300ER
D3,D5,D7 8B8899 CKG 2005 BKK 2225 B767-300ER
Remark: All time is local time.
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